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CPL CERTIFICATION - 9 hours - $200 + cost of ammunition


This is the class you want for legal concealed carry in the State of MIchigan.  In this class you will receive all of the required paperwork to submit to the Genessee County Clerks office for your CPL license.  If you haven't shot in awhile, check out the additional classes below.  






CPL RECERTIFICATION - 6 hours - $150

This is the class you want if your CPL has expired or is going to expire for legal concealed carry in Michigan.  The class updates you on any changes in law & refreshes your shooting abilities. 



Drawing from a Holster #101 & #102- apx. 4 hours each - $200 per class


This private lesson is the start to advancing your firearm skills through a series of courses.  Chuck will help you determine which holster is right for you.  You will learn the detailed mechanics to draw and fire from the holster with safety and precision.  The private lesson will consistent, mainly, of hands on drilling.  You will learn how to quickly engage your target with speed and accuracy. 






Tactical #101, #102 & #103 - apx. 2-3 hours each - $150 per class


Do you want to take it to the next level?  These private lessons will advance your skills as a continuation from Drawing from a Holster #101 & #102.  Your instructor will teach you how to drill for real life scenarios using a firearm.  You will learn concepts of sight picture, sight alignment, stance, grip, trigger squeeze, recoil management and follow through.  Your instructor will more closely critique your techniques to improve the basic skills you have learned.  More advanced techniques will be introduced such as shooting while moving and engaging multiple targets.  At the end of these private lessons you will be considered a highly knowledgable student and will be given the drills needed to continually improve your shooting capabilities, on your own. 

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